Look around you. Everything you see has been fudged together or fabricated from different materials for different objectives. Technology has indeed created an incredible impact on any industry-the metal fabrication industry is no different, and it is no wonder that BSP Engineering and fabrication have over the years grown in depth and breadth to cover the needs of their clients.

steel fabrications MelbourneManufacturing process in which an item is made from raw or semi-finished materials instead of being assembled from ready-made components or parts is known as fabrication and thus understanding the  consumer’s engineering and marketing needs rendering high levels of fabrication and engineering  expertise facilities such as HVAC Steel Fabrication, Stainless Steel Fabrication, and Steel Pipe Fabrication, Hydrant System, and Pressure Pipe Welding Melbourne are been sufficed as experienced professionals strive hard to offer qualitative service, keeping in mind the below attributes  which can absolutely create a positive impact on the welding aspects.

  • Sound Construction
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Quality

Steel fabrication joins the BSP Engineering workflow.

Containing a vast team of stainless steel fabricators in the Melbourne region providing exceptional service utilizing state-of-the-art CNC cutting, forming and machining equipment that can comfortably accommodate the complex needs sufficing both – the enhancement and utilitarian purposes. Diversified experience in designing- making and installing of steel pipe is essential and therefore highlighted a few of them would be a source of perfect steel fabricating needs.

  • Tees, Equal and Reducing
  • Concentric and Eccentric Reducers
  • Reverse Osmosis Skids
  • Pump Skids

On the other hand, our manufacturing team sculptures every sort of HVAC Steel Fabrication needs are in a demand, whether it is a facet of commercial, industrial or residential it includes retrofitting HVAC systems with the supply and installation of required ducting such as spool fabrication and custom pipe fittings. Pressure pipe welding being vital for most of the industries, engineers and fabricators of BSP Engineering empire encompass phenomenal skills in welding. And thus, while performing the task of pressure pipe welding a few aspects are required to focus upon, and they are as follows:

  • Positive Material Identification
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Material Tracking

Caring about the uncontrolled fire frontier is a priority.

Taking fire prevention in manufacturing is the wisest choice to be made, and thus Infinite minds are required to create a Fire Hydrant System as it’s a lengthy and wide system requiring utmost maintenance therefore to ensure absolute safety a rigorous inspection becomes a mandate to perform taking into consideration three servicing elements:

  • Fire Hydrant Assemblies
  • Roll Groove Fittings
  • Pipework & Valves

Thus, you are in good hands as we utilize leading-edge technology for welding and fabricating techniques maintaining our consistency of engineering skills. For further inquiries and fabricating requirements, you can call us at 03-9706-4891/ don@bspengineering.com.au/ sales@bspengineering.com.au.