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Professional Steel Fabrication Service in Melbourne, Australia

BSP Engineering is your trusted source when you need steel fabrication services for your next building project. Having been in this business for years, our team of dedicated professionals have been providing exceptional-quality steel fabrication, welding, and fire hydrant services to the builders and building owners in Melbourne, Australia.

Selecting a team that has all the necessary skills and expertise is vital when you need fabrication, welding, and fire hydrant system services. We will relieve you from the stress of taking up any of these jobs and will work with you during the construction project to plan and design the work to be done.

BSP Engineering is a family-owned and -operated business who can help you with your custom engineering or fabrication work. With our state-of-the-art tools and equipment at our disposal and experienced professionals to handle them, you can count on our team to provide you with the best results. You’ll get experience and quality service that’s second to none when you choose to work with us.

We mainly deal with engineering and fabrication work. Some of the services we specialise in are:

  • Pipe fabrication
  • HVAC fabrication
  • Pipe skids
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Pressure pipe welding
  • Fire hydrant systems

Offering Solutions in Welding Service & Requirements

Fabrication work requires intense concentration and needs to be done with care as they are a support structure and can be dangerous if not done carefully. Structural steel fabrication work is primarily used in the architectural field by builders and is usually used in departments like rail, road, telco, ports, and defence, among others. Our facility can cater to aluminium and stainless steel fabrication work along with some light gauge steel and plate work.

On the other hand, our HVAC fabrication work deals with ductwork for proper ventilation in the building. Our team of fabricators plan and manage the HVAC system in the building and will ensure that it is properly ventilated and there are no leaks or seams for the heat to escape. These also include pipe fittings and sheet metal fabrication for the HVAC system.

Apart from these, we also deal with the installation of fire hydrant systems in the building. It involves setting up the water supply system to direct water to specific valves that can be used during a fire-fighting operation and can control the pressure accurately. We also provide fire hydrant system supplies like hose reels, cabinets, valves, and extinguishers.

When you choose us for the job, you can be sure that we’ll work with you during the entire project. Using the best materials for our fabrication work is important as well. Our quick turnaround time, attention to detail, and customer service have made us one of the leading fabrication providers in Melbourne.

If you have any questions, call us on (03) 8786 3253 or write to us at sales@bspengineering.com.au. You can also fill out our enquiry form and our representative will get back to you soon.


The staff were friendly and the experience has been very pleasing. It has been a real pleasure working with you. Keep up the good work!

Adam Lyttle

The staff at BSP Engineering were a pleasure to work with. They understand the need to connect with customers and keep them notified about the progress of the work. The work on the other hand was spectacular and fast. No glitches in the work they provided us so far and I must say you have a happy client.

Dave Simon